Log in to an IBM i System for the first time

We have a PUB400 Account - how can we login for the first time?

First of all - lets introduce you to some new words.

The world of IBM i has its own words for many common technology and/or software components. For example, logging in is commonly referred to as signing on. Terminal Mode is more commonly called green screen or 5250 Emulation

  • SQL Schemas are called Libraries
  • SQL Tables are called Files
  • IBM i has a kind of combined Index/View called a Logical File
  • Foreground processes are called Interactive Jobs
  • Background processes are called Batch Jobs
  • And every single thing on the system is called an object

Don't let that scare you - we will do a brief into to these concepts in the next module.

For now, we will expect you to have installed a 5250 emulator to allow you to signon in terminal mode.

1 - Install a 5250 Terminal Emulator for the IBMi

A Terminal Emulator is an application that runs on your Windows, Apple, Linux or Android system which emulates a physical terminal that would plug into an IBM i System.

Tn5250j terminal emulator main ibm i screen

If you are NEW to IBM i I would recommend starting with a simple Java Emulator (1a) or if you have previous experience or have used an older AS400 or iSeries system then try slightly more complicated (1b) IBM ACS Suite

1.a Simple Java Emulator

Jump to this simple lesson showing you how to download and install the free Java Terminal emulator called TN54250J - or you can download it directly and dive straight in: DOWNLOAD TN5250J

1.b Official IBM Emulator Suite

I recommend IBM i ACS Watch the instructions on how to install IBM i ACS (for its 5250 Emulator)

Download IBM i ACS

2 - Connect and Signon

Signon with your credentials:

  • configure your client to connect to PUB400.COM  (yes, that is a valid DNS name. Do not enter an IP address!)
  • When you connect, you should see a signon screen
  • enter your user name and your initial password
  • press enter or rCTL key (depending on your client config)
  • at first signon you are forced to change your password (see the messages at the bottom of the screen)
  • enter your initial password, and your new password twice.
  • after the password change, you should see IBM i main menu
PUB400 Signon Screen using IBM i ACS 5250 Emulator

Yes - It really is that easy!

Want to watch PUB400 Login in Realtime?

Click to play

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