Log in to an IBM i System for the first time

We have a PUB400 Account - how can we login for the first time?

First of all - lets introduce you to some new words.

The world of IBM i has its own words for many common technology and/or software components. For example, logging in is commonly referred to as signing on. Terminal Mode is more commonly called green screen or 5250 Emulation

  • SQL Schemas are called Libraries
  • SQL Tables are called Files
  • IBM i has a kind of combined Index/View called a Logical File
  • Foreground processes are called Interactive Jobs
  • Background processes are called Batch Jobs
  • And every single thing on the system is called an object

Don't let that scare you - we will do a brief into to these concepts in the next module.

For now, we will expect you to have installed a 5250 emulator to allow you to signon in terminal mode.

Install a 5250 Terminal Emulator for the IBMi

Watch the instructions on how to install IBM i ACS (for its 5250 Emulator)

Download IBM i ACS

or, you can always check out any of the freeware alternatives out there. I recommend IBM i ACS but if you cannot use it for any reason then check out TN5250J

Signon with your credentials:

  • configure your client to connect to PUB400.COM  (yes, that is a valid DNS name. Do not enter an IP address!)
  • When you connect, you should see a signon screen
  • enter your user name and your initial password
  • press enter or rCTL key (depending on your client config)
  • at first signon you are forced to change your password (see the messages at the bottom of the screen)
  • enter your initial password, and your new password twice.
  • after the password change, you should see IBM i main menu
Log in to an IBM i System for the first time 1
PUB400 Signon Screen using IBM i ACS 5250 Emulator

Want to watch PUB400 Login in Realtime?

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