Modernize RPG - From AS400 RPG to IBM i RPGLE

Modernize AS400 RPG to Free Format RPGLE

The call to Modernize AS400 RPG is a frequent one that you will hear in every day support for these old dinosaur programs.

Upgrading old code is a fun past time that we all enjoy.

The amount of old code on your system increases exponentially with the number of people in your company that incorrectly call your IBM i System - AS400 or iSeries

Me. 🙂

I work for many clients with environments containing hundreds of old RPGIII programs. As a general rule, whenever I am asked to update one of these dinosaurs I start by converting it to RPGLE & then make the modification. The resulting code is often more efficient, and (most importantly) easier to understand and maintain in the future.

So, now it's time for the fun bit!

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