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Third party Free RPG Lessons from other sites - some old, some new, one place to rule them all

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Third party Free RPG Lessons from other sites - some old, some new, one place to rule them all

IBM i RPG - So much more than a Report Program Generator


For those who are just exploring the wonderful RPG language - there are lots of wonderful *FREE* guides out there in internet land. I've pulled them together here for easy reference

General info about RPG - This chapter introduces you to general information about RPG source code.

Variables and procedures - This chapter introduces you to defining constants, variables and prototypes.

Introduction to Files / Tables - This chapter introduces you to using files with RPG

Text lesson

Display files - This chapter introduces you to using display files, also called "workstation files"

Solutions to RPG exercises - every question has an answer

Learning to code is most effective if you start with some clean coding standards. So let's start building those foundations properly with advice for RPG, RPG400 and modern ILE RPG programmers.

Coding in Free-Form RPG IV - a deep dive - based on a beginner’s tutorial By Barbara Morris on Midrange.com

Writing RPG ILE Programs on your IBM Power System


Let's have a look at the most simple version of an old RPG program. A 2 line HELLO WORLD example, written in column based RPG400 (aka RPG3) which will simply send a message to the screen. We can do this using SEU, Source Entry Utility, and integrated text editor on your IBM i Power System - which has remained unchanged for over 20 years :)

Welcome back to part 2 of "programming like an AS400 Noob" ;) In this video we can look at our original simple HELLO WORLD code sample and uplift it to RPGLE format. We can have a quick spin through the PDM development environment and look at some command line tricks.

Yep. You guessed it! In this thrilling episode we are going to take that old column based RPGLE code and set it free. Take our first tentative steps into the world of free format RPG code.

In this, the penultimate episode of "playing with smelly old RPG code" we take the final step into the world of modern RPG code layout. Introducing the **FREE command line, we finally tell the IBM i Compiler that we are not messing about.

Welcome back to final episode of this "RPG for complete noobies" series. Here we will poke around in some modern RPG code, and use Microsoft code editor (Visual Studio Code) to edit the RPG in real time on our IBM i Power System. How does VSCODE know about RPG? By using the marvelous CODE4I plugin of course!

Let's upgrade this super simple HELLO WORLD program to add some more standards and functions

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